New monitor, new blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog!

I thought since I have my shiny new monitor that this was as good a time as any to start writing stuff down (I know, I know: any excuse). 🙂

The monitor is great. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting (24″ doesn’t sound that much bigger than 17″) but that’s the kind of surprise I like. Terrific for games, which should go without saying, and also great for work. I can fit two full size A4 pages with space to spare. Graphics and video work are much easier with space for the work files as well as the multitude of toolbars and palletes that those programs seem to have.

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I am a Sydney based professional I.T. nerd. :) I have tonnes of experience in network/systems administration, SQL DBA, web development, etc. I'm also a keen photographer specialising in portraits and event photography but enjoy taking photos of almost anything else too. :)