New car gets a new roof

I had my green 1991 MX5 written off last month by someone forgetting to give way at an intersection. After much searching and test driving I found a replacement – a red 1993 MX5 Clubman. The Clubmans are an Australian model which came with a torsen diff and Bilstein suspension, as well as being among the first of the models to come with the 1.8 litre engine. It's a nice car (even though red wasn't high on my list of colour choices) and is in better condition than the green one was when I bought it, but it's going to need some work to get it "just right". 🙂

First of the major changeover bits – the stereo and the soft top. The soft top on the new red car was in good condition but had the plastic, zipped rear window, which was annoying to use. Since I had replaced the top in the green car six months ago with a no-zip, glass version it seemed a good idea to swap them over. The job wasn't too difficult as we were swapping the entire frame. Fiddly best describes it. Lots of nuts and bolts to remove (the easy bit) and lots of trim pieces that needed to be taken off to get to those nuts and bolts. Still, now it's done and looks great.

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