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I guess people start these things with the best intentions, but … you know how most of them end up. This one was no different. Seemed like a good idea but stuff gets in the way and before you know it everything’s way out of date.

So, what has been happening? It’s been just over a year since the last entry so quite a bit has happened. I spent 12 months having fun selling parts for my favorite little sports car, the MX5. That was great – it was so nice being able to chat to people all day about cars, racing, etc.

In May I was offered a web development job and as much fun as the MX5 job was, the web job was a little more … financially interesting. 🙂 So here I am – back working for the NSW state Government programming ASP.Net and SQL. It’s interesting in it’s own way but not nearly as much fun as chatting about cars and planning track days.

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I am a Sydney based professional I.T. nerd. :) I have tonnes of experience in network/systems administration, SQL DBA, web development, etc. I'm also a keen photographer specialising in portraits and event photography but enjoy taking photos of almost anything else too. :)