Holiday in the country

A week of piece and quiet in the country. No TV, no Internet, no phone. It’s so cut off that even this blog entry is being composed offline for later sending. No noisy neighbours either. In fact, there’s no noise apart from the creek and some chirping birds.

The kids plans for exploration of the 110 acres have been limited considerably by their discovery that they really don’t like leeches. Unfortunately you can’t walk around outside for more than five minutes without masses of the little bloodsuckers climbing up your boots and attaching themselves to your legs. The bites don’t hurt, but it’s all a bit yucky. If you don’t notice them in time they fill themselves and fall off and leave a nice stream of blood running down your shin.

So we’ve been getting plenty of indoor relaxation mixed with trips to nearby site seeing spots. Books are getting read and board games are getting played. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

We have been told there is plenty of local wildlife but other than the leeches, noisy birds and a few geckos we haven’t seen any. Maybe the kids have scared the rest away.

This is where we stayed.
The back yard. Can’t see the leeches from here. 😛
Misty mornings, but nice weather most of the week.

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