52 Pics – Week 12 – Making me thirsty

My lovely wife got me a lovely macro lens so I figured the photo this week should be of something small. Our yard is relatively bug free at the moment due to a recent pest spray so I scrambled around indoors looking for something photogenic. Here’s what I found:


Now I need a beer. 🙂

I have to say that macro photography is trickier than it looks. The area of focus is so small that any movement of the camera or subject throws the whole thing into blur land.

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I am a Sydney based professional I.T. nerd. :) I have tonnes of experience in network/systems administration, SQL DBA, web development, etc. I'm also a keen photographer specialising in portraits and event photography but enjoy taking photos of almost anything else too. :)

4 thoughts on “52 Pics – Week 12 – Making me thirsty”

  1. My camera with this lens is almost 2kg. I’ll take another look at the Gorillapods though; they look handy and they’re certainly easier to carry than a tripod. Patience is already in my kit. 🙂

  2. I have the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom with Ballhead. It takes the weight of my EOS40D with EF 24-105 f4/L just fine. Don’t expect it to defy gravity like some of the pictures featured on Joby’s website though 🙂
    A breeze can be handled with the rapid-fire mode of your SLR, and crawling critters can be solved with lots of patience.

  3. They’re a good idea but I’m not sure it’ll take the weight. I’m using my tripod at the moment. It’s more of a problem when the subject is blowing around in the breeze or crawling away. 🙂

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