52 Pics – Week 13 – Nepean River

I’ve been hurting my brain this week trying to think of a spot for a landscape photo for TAFE. We needed something that showed a large depth of field (so everything is in focus over a long range of distance), plus it had to be something representing NSW without being too clichéd (so no Harbour Bridge, etc.).

I was up early this morning to get some nice sunrise shots around Parramatta river, but the sunrise wasn’t anything special so I decided to try somewhere else. I headed for the Blue Mountains and ended up following a sign toward a Nepean river lookout. The sign didn’t mention the 5km of dirt road or the steep, muddy bushwalk involved in getting to the lookout, but the view was worth the effort. I got some photos for the TAFE assessment and then grabbed some more for a stitched panorama, which is this week’s photo.


The complete lack of any safety railing wasn’t mentioned either. 😐

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