52 Pics – Week 23 – Car revisited

Sydney weather has turned rainy again and it’s not looking like I’ll get a chance to reshoot my car photo before it’s due next week, so Photoshop to the rescue.

Photoshopped car photo
Photoshopped car photo

And for comparison:

Original car photo
Original car photo

I’m still hoping for a couple of nice days to clean the car (again) and take another shot at it, but this one should cover me just in case I don’t get the opportunity.


New car

After Shannon’s old Celica had such a miserable mechanical report we decided it was time she got something a bit more reliable. So, kids in tow, we headed off this morning to look for a tidy small car to be her runabout.

By the end of the day we had TWO new cars (well, two second hand cars, but they were new to us). Not only did Shannon get a beep-beep Barina but we also ended up with a very practical family car: a V8 Commodore. 😛

It’s a bit of a different driving experience from the MX5, but fun in its own way.

And I like the colour!


Goodbye MX5

My MX5 has been for sale for while and this morning it finally sold. I’ll miss it a bit – it was such a great little car. Hopefully the new owner enjoys it just as much.

Mazda MX5 SE

Wheel alignment

I took the SE in for a wheel alignment from Jax at Blacktown today. They did a pretty good job. They matched what I asked for fairly closely and even had someone in the driver seat while it was being done.

The old alignment had been shocking. The measurements from before were way off with huge differences left to right. eg. 3.7mm toe in LH rear vs. 1.9mm toe out RH rear.

Specs requested were: -1 deg camber front and rear; 2mm toe in total front and rear; 4 to 6 deg caster. They got it almost spot on with only the LH rear not quite there at only -0.6 deg camber.

Needless to say the car feels much better now. 🙂

Another MX5 club run to Bathurst

It’s been two years since the last MX5 club run to Bathurst and nearly as long since I’ve been on any of the club runs. It was another fantastic run – it really is a great drive up along the back way to Bathurst. Quiet, twisty country roads that are just perfect for a nice drive. 🙂 The weather even turned out perfect. It was a bit of a shame that the Mount Panorama circuit was closed when we got there but since it was closed for a hill climb event we settled for watching some of the competing cars instead. 🙂

There are some more photos from the day here

Good bye MX5 Clubman

My old 1993 MX5 Clubman was sold today and has gone off with it’s new owner (another MX5 enthusiast). It was looking nice after the hail damage repairs …

The old MX5
The old MX5

I hope the new owner has as much fun with it as I did. 🙂

New car

While the old car was in for hail damage repairs I shopped around and got a new one. 🙂 It’s another MX5 – I did consider some other makes but couldn’t think of anything that would be as much fun for the money. It’s a 2004 SE model (Mazdaspeed Miata for the USA folk) and is very nice.

2004 MX5 SE

New car gets a new roof

I had my green 1991 MX5 written off last month by someone forgetting to give way at an intersection. After much searching and test driving I found a replacement – a red 1993 MX5 Clubman. The Clubmans are an Australian model which came with a torsen diff and Bilstein suspension, as well as being among the first of the models to come with the 1.8 litre engine. It's a nice car (even though red wasn't high on my list of colour choices) and is in better condition than the green one was when I bought it, but it's going to need some work to get it "just right". 🙂

First of the major changeover bits – the stereo and the soft top. The soft top on the new red car was in good condition but had the plastic, zipped rear window, which was annoying to use. Since I had replaced the top in the green car six months ago with a no-zip, glass version it seemed a good idea to swap them over. The job wasn't too difficult as we were swapping the entire frame. Fiddly best describes it. Lots of nuts and bolts to remove (the easy bit) and lots of trim pieces that needed to be taken off to get to those nuts and bolts. Still, now it's done and looks great.