Back from PAX Aus

We are back from the inaugural PAX Aus and I have to say that we all had a great time. Other than some minor niggles with the size of the theatres at the venue everything else was well organised and well run.

The kids had a blast once they got over the fact that they were being told to touch and play with everything instead of the usual “don’t touch”. There were plenty of new and old games to play; video games, board games, card games, dice games, physical games … all types of games. A spontaneous game of “get the ball over the PAX sign” even broke out one morning while we were queued up waiting for opening time. Several thousand gamers cheering each other on to bounce a beach ball over an advertising banner was a fun experience.

Kids playing games at PAX

We spent a bit of time in the console free play area and the board game area, trying out games (and making a shopping list as it turned out). Our video gaming popular spot seemed to be the Australian indie games area and it was great to see some of the fantastic stuff coming out from small local development groups. Lots of developers were on hand and happy to answer questions from the kids or just show off their new games.

It was also good to see that nearly 40,000 gamers could get on so well together in a venue that was probably just a tad too small. Everyone was friendly and well behaved. Nobody hogged any of the games. Everyone seemed happy to jump into a multiplayer game with complete strangers, even when some of them were kids (and young kids were definitely in the minority).

PAX Aus 2014 has been confirmed and I think Shannon has already started planning a road trip for us. I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

There are photos of our PAX trip over on our photo site. Check them out and feel free to leave comments.

PAX Australia – getting there

Off to PAX Australia for the weekend! PAX is a huge expo of all things gaming that started in the USA and has headed down to our sunny shores (well, Melbourne) for the first time this year. Unlike the Australian Comic-con which had nothing to do with its international counterpart, PAX Aus has been organised by the Penny Arcade people who run the USA incarnations. Covering all types of gaming – video games, board games, card games, dice games, war games, etc. – it should be a fun filled weekend.

People may joke about Melbourne’s bad weather, but so far it has only delayed our plane flight by an hour. 😛

Holiday playtime

We’ve had plenty of time for family board games, including some old “favourites” like Monopoly.

We also spent a couple of evenings taking advantage of the country darkness to do some light painting with torches, sparklers and glow sticks. The kids enjoyed were impressed, although the glow sticks weren’t quite bright enough. They got the hang of it with the brighter torches though.



Malifaux at Cancon 2013

It doesn’t seem like 12 months ago since the last Cancon but the next one is now less than two weeks away. As much as I’ve been enjoying 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 I have decided to sign up for Malifaux again this year. I’ve been playing my Malifaux Ortega Guild crew for the last eight months or so. All the models were painted and I was finally getting a hang of making the crew work well together (harder than it should be given the Ortega’s tend to like doing their own thing). Cancon 2013 threw a spanner in the works by making one of the days a two-master brawl – so I needed a second Guild crew. Any excuse to buy more models. 🙂

So, C Hoffman and his gang of steampunk robots have been gathered, built and are in the process of being painted. I was originally going with a red theme (to match the Guild colour) but I like the way the blue has come out.

Hoffman crew WIP
Still got some work to do but happy with them so far.

CanCon 2012

I spent the Australia Day long weekend play Malifaux at CanCon, the national (non-electronic) gaming convention in Canberra. I had a great weekend playing one of my current favourite miniature games with a great group of people. I even managed to win half my games – which I was pretty happy with. 🙂

Cancon 2011

I spent last weekend in Canberra for Cancon, the big games convention they hold down there every year. I was just a spectator and was amazed at how many people were there. There must have been over 500 people playing in the various tournaments and many more getting stuck into the board games, card games and demonstration games. I’ll be making sure I have all my stuff ready for next year’s event ‘cos I missed out on some of the fun this time. 🙂

It even made the news! 🙂

Weekend gaming

I had a great weekend with some of my oldest friends (as in: I’ve known them a long time, although they are getting on a bit :P). Warhammer 40K and other dice games as well as some great Rock Band sessions. I think the drum set has recovered.

Great fun!!

Big thanks to Shannon for giving us the house to ourselves too so we could be silly without keeping everyone awake all night.

LAN party

I’ve just spent the weekend with a house full of friends and their computer gear all playing online games. It’s not the first time we’ve done this and it won’t be the last. I think that the “LAN party” is probably the “poker night” of our time (certainly for those who like computer games in the first place).

Things seemed a bit more sedate this time. Maybe it was the warm weather or maybe we’re getting old (naah – it must be the weather) but there was a lot more sitting and chatting and a bit less sitting and playing. I’m not complaining, we get plenty of gaming done via the Internet these days so the LAN parties are more just a time to get together and have fun. Sometimes fun is playing games and sometimes it’s drinking beer, eating BBQ and talking about games.