New server

I’ve moved the blog and photo sites onto a new web server. Hopefully this won’t mean anything different for most of you out there in Internet-land. Let me know if you seem to be having any problems with the site though.

V8 Supercars in Sydney

Thanks to some free tickets I went to the V8 Supercar race at Homebush today. There were plenty of people without it seeming to be too crowded and everyone was having a good time. It’s probably a good spot to hold the race to get non-race fans in for the carnival atmosphere. Unfortunately it’s absolute rubbish if you want to watch the race. 🙁

The track may have a good layout for racing (it was certainly action packed) but the safety fences, lack of trackside video screens and non-existant viewing spots for regular ticket holder meant there was nowhere where you could see more than about 50m of track. It was cool to hear the cars racing past once a lap, but after that it was not much fun. I’ve no idea if the stands for the more expensive tickets offered much more but it didn’t look like they did.

So … after a fun walk around the track area looking at the cars (and other scenery :)) we came home and watched the race on TV. Not as noisy, but much better viewing.

The tooth is out!

Gabrielle came in this morning complaining that her loose tooth felt a bit funny. She smiled at us, poked her wobbly tooth with her tongue and out it came!

Hopefully she won’t play with the other one so much so it may still be attached when we get back to Australia.

Welcome to the new blog

Hi all! Welcome to our new blog.

We plan to use this to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening. With a growing family there’s always something going on. Add in a few travel plans and we should have plenty to post about.

Please feel free to comment and tell us what’s happening on your side too.

Hail storm

Crazy weather again. Nasty hail storm yesterday resulted in some dents on the cars and a hole in the indicator where a hail stone went straight through the plastic. At least our cars were partially covered – the ones parked in the street looked a mess. 🙁

Another neglected blog

I guess people start these things with the best intentions, but … you know how most of them end up. This one was no different. Seemed like a good idea but stuff gets in the way and before you know it everything’s way out of date.

So, what has been happening? It’s been just over a year since the last entry so quite a bit has happened. I spent 12 months having fun selling parts for my favorite little sports car, the MX5. That was great – it was so nice being able to chat to people all day about cars, racing, etc.

In May I was offered a web development job and as much fun as the MX5 job was, the web job was a little more … financially interesting. 🙂 So here I am – back working for the NSW state Government programming ASP.Net and SQL. It’s interesting in it’s own way but not nearly as much fun as chatting about cars and planning track days.

New monitor, new blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog!

I thought since I have my shiny new monitor that this was as good a time as any to start writing stuff down (I know, I know: any excuse). 🙂

The monitor is great. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting (24″ doesn’t sound that much bigger than 17″) but that’s the kind of surprise I like. Terrific for games, which should go without saying, and also great for work. I can fit two full size A4 pages with space to spare. Graphics and video work are much easier with space for the work files as well as the multitude of toolbars and palletes that those programs seem to have.