52 Pics – Week 52 – End of the year!

Wow! That’s it for 2014. It’s gone by quite fast and I’m happy that I managed to get a new photo up here each week. Hopefully you have enjoyed some of them. 🙂

Here is the last photo of the year, which just happens to be a (not-so-subtle) hint of my photography project for 2015 …


Don’t worry, I won’t be posting a photo on here every day. I will be attempting to fill the journal though and I’ll post any interesting shots up here from time to time.



52 Pics – Week 47 – Smart phone

I’ve finally joined the smartphone brigade with my new iPhone 6. Phones have never really been a gadget that interested me much, but my ancient Nokia was dying and the new iPhone appealed – possibly helped by the Mac/iPad/iPhone stealth invasion at our house. There was some silliness involved with getting it; it was delivered to the house, then taken away to the local post office for us to collect later (very convenient).

At least it was smart enough to make the initial setup simple. Now I just have to load it with apps and worry about going over my download allowance. 😛


52 Pics – Week 46 – Finishing TAFE

Only one week left of my TAFE course. I have one assignment to hand in and a portfolio presentation and I’m done! All my work is done except for choosing and mounting a couple more prints. It has been fun and educational and I’m going to miss it next year. 🙁


‘Spose I should do something with it now. 😛