52 Pics – Week 41 – Camden photo walk

I took part in the Kelby worldwide photowalk on Saturday – pretty much just an excuse to walk around taking photos with a bunch of other camera nuts. 🙂

There were several walks around Sydney, but rather than take more photos of the Harbour I decided to join the walk out at Camden. I grabbed this panorama from the back of one of the local markets.


52 Pics – Week 39 – Dad

I got some studio time this week and took some headshots of my dad. Once we’d done the basic stuff I took some moodier ones that I could convert to black and white, which I think looks good with portraits. This was one of my favourites.


52 Pics – Week 34 – Sour

It’s been a while since I did any game hobby stuff. After sorting out the growing collection of Zombicide stuff the other day I thought it was about time I got to painting the latest additions. Overdue really, since they’ve been sitting there for several months. At least these guys came pre-built; all I had to do was trim the plastic a bit, give them a scrub and then get painting. All the airbrush work is now done on them (I can’t really do much more without painting over stuff that’s already painted) so now it’s time for some brushwork. I think I’ve found a nice green that shows their “toxic” status. 🙂

2014-08-26_POTWI’ve got 28 of these toxic guys to do before moving onto a similar amount of their “berserk” cousins.