Photos from previous holidays

We were showing the kids some of our old photos from previous holidays after dinner tonight. I remembered when we got home from our trip to Italy (in 1997) that we had come back with nearly 30 rolls of film, which all had to be lugged in for processing (and that it had cost a bundle). Hopefully with this trip things should be easier. The digital camera does tend to encourage you to take a lot of photos so it might not be much easier sorting through them. At least we don’t have to wait (and pay) for processing.

I’m hoping that we can keep on top of the photos by using the laptop to sort and cull while we’re on the road. I’m guessing if I don’t organise them as we go then this digital batch of pictures will still be waiting in a virtual shoe box 10 years from now just like the old ones are.

The plan is for us to sort the photos day by day and put them up on the gallery as we go. Check back and see if we manage it. 🙂

One more month!

Only one month to go until the holiday!

The kids are really starting to get excited. We’re starting to realise how much more we need to do to get ready. Shannon has a long list of things to check, pack, prepare, close, cover and otherwise get ready. We’ll get it all done but I’m sure there will be some last minute panic about something.

All part of the adventure I guess. 🙂