New car

While the old car was in for hail damage repairs I shopped around and got a new one. 🙂 It’s another MX5 – I did consider some other makes but couldn’t think of anything that would be as much fun for the money. It’s a 2004 SE model (Mazdaspeed Miata for the USA folk) and is very nice.

2004 MX5 SE

Hail storm

Crazy weather again. Nasty hail storm yesterday resulted in some dents on the cars and a hole in the indicator where a hail stone went straight through the plastic. At least our cars were partially covered – the ones parked in the street looked a mess. 🙁

Another neglected blog

I guess people start these things with the best intentions, but … you know how most of them end up. This one was no different. Seemed like a good idea but stuff gets in the way and before you know it everything’s way out of date.

So, what has been happening? It’s been just over a year since the last entry so quite a bit has happened. I spent 12 months having fun selling parts for my favorite little sports car, the MX5. That was great – it was so nice being able to chat to people all day about cars, racing, etc.

In May I was offered a web development job and as much fun as the MX5 job was, the web job was a little more … financially interesting. 🙂 So here I am – back working for the NSW state Government programming ASP.Net and SQL. It’s interesting in it’s own way but not nearly as much fun as chatting about cars and planning track days.

New car gets a new roof

I had my green 1991 MX5 written off last month by someone forgetting to give way at an intersection. After much searching and test driving I found a replacement – a red 1993 MX5 Clubman. The Clubmans are an Australian model which came with a torsen diff and Bilstein suspension, as well as being among the first of the models to come with the 1.8 litre engine. It's a nice car (even though red wasn't high on my list of colour choices) and is in better condition than the green one was when I bought it, but it's going to need some work to get it "just right". 🙂

First of the major changeover bits – the stereo and the soft top. The soft top on the new red car was in good condition but had the plastic, zipped rear window, which was annoying to use. Since I had replaced the top in the green car six months ago with a no-zip, glass version it seemed a good idea to swap them over. The job wasn't too difficult as we were swapping the entire frame. Fiddly best describes it. Lots of nuts and bolts to remove (the easy bit) and lots of trim pieces that needed to be taken off to get to those nuts and bolts. Still, now it's done and looks great.

LAN party

I’ve just spent the weekend with a house full of friends and their computer gear all playing online games. It’s not the first time we’ve done this and it won’t be the last. I think that the “LAN party” is probably the “poker night” of our time (certainly for those who like computer games in the first place).

Things seemed a bit more sedate this time. Maybe it was the warm weather or maybe we’re getting old (naah – it must be the weather) but there was a lot more sitting and chatting and a bit less sitting and playing. I’m not complaining, we get plenty of gaming done via the Internet these days so the LAN parties are more just a time to get together and have fun. Sometimes fun is playing games and sometimes it’s drinking beer, eating BBQ and talking about games.

New monitor, new blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog!

I thought since I have my shiny new monitor that this was as good a time as any to start writing stuff down (I know, I know: any excuse). 🙂

The monitor is great. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting (24″ doesn’t sound that much bigger than 17″) but that’s the kind of surprise I like. Terrific for games, which should go without saying, and also great for work. I can fit two full size A4 pages with space to spare. Graphics and video work are much easier with space for the work files as well as the multitude of toolbars and palletes that those programs seem to have.