New keyboard

My old Logitech G15 gaming keyboard has served me well for the last several years but its dim and flickering lights finally reached the “no more!” stage. The search for a replacement began …

I had always liked the feel of mechanical keyboards. I learned to type on an actual typewriter (yes, I’m that old) and the first computers I used also had the clunky old mechanical keyboards. It’s trendy now, but back then it was the only option. Over the years I kind of got used to the mushy feeling modern keyboards, but since mechanical ‘boards are making a comeback thanks to the pro-gaming crowd I now had some better options.

I narrowed the choices down to the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate but after trying it out it was was obvious that it was just too clicky to be using late at night right next to the kids bedrooms. Luckily the fine folk at Razer had already come up with a solution: the Stealth edition! It seems to be the exact same keyboard but with slightly quieter keys (for the techies: Cherry brown switches instead of the Ultimate’s clickier blue ones).

So far the new keyboard seems very nice. I do miss the clock that the Logitech had, but it’s not a big deal. The typing feel is very good. I just want to keep typing stuff now so I can enjoy it. 😀