52 Pics 2015?

I’m not planning on doing another 52 Pics project this year. However, I will be keeping a diary with a photo each day (that is, a physical book with a printed image stuck in for every day of the year). So, each week or so (no strict timetable this time) I will post one of those photos up on here. I suspect that a lot of these will be iPhone photos rather than from the DSLR, so quality may vary. 🙂

Here is the first one:


52 Pics – Week 19 – New gear!

Here’s a quick portrait of one of my enthusiastic models using some of the new lighting gear I just got.


We’ve been getting stuck into studio lighting at TAFE recently. After getting to play with the cool toys it has been hard coming back home to use my old Nikon flash. So … eBay to the rescue with some cheap Chinese light stands and umbrellas. After placing the order yesterday I had resigned myself to the usual wait on the postal service. I nearly got knocked off my feet when the stuff turned up today! Some kind of record for Australia Post.

I’ll get better stuff once I’m rich and famous, but these will certainly do the trick for now. 🙂

52 Pics – Week 4 – Work in progress

This week’s photo was supposed to be of our daughter’s room all painted (part of her Christmas present). However, due to me getting a stinking cold and not being able to paint without sneezing all over the work … you get a work in progress shot instead. It is almost done (one more coat of the pink is needed plus the window frame) and she is happy with her colour choices.

Looking good so far
Looking good so far