Charles Towne

Wow – it’s hard to believe it’s been a week since we left. We need a holiday to get over it already – our tour guide sets a very busy schedule. 🙂

Actually today was fairly relaxed. We only had two things on the agenda: a walk around the older part of Charleston and a visit to Charles Towne Landing (a historic site where the early settlers landed).

Parts of Charleston are very pretty (take a look at some of the photos) and there is plenty of history. Nicholas even took an interest once he heard about the pirate activity in the area in the 1600’s. We saw a tavern that had been frequented by pirates (which was so tiny you had to wonder how many pirates would fit) and walked around the old Exchange building. We also had a tour of the dungeon in the Exchange building.

The colourful buildings along the water would be a lovely spot to live (and there were a few for sale). Apparently the land tax/rates are around US$50,000 per year though, which isn’t so lovely.

Lunch and the afternoon we walked around Charles Towne Landing, which is a bit like Old Sydney Town. The “locals” put the kids to work pulling up the anchor on a sailing ship before we enjoyed a cannon firing demonstration.

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Photos from today are in the gallery.

We’re on the road again tomorrow. We’re heading for Jacksonville for our last stay before Orlando.

Patriots Point

We spent today at Patriots Point in Charleston, home to the World War 2 era aircraft carrier Yorktown and submarine Clamagore. The Yorktown is now a floating naval museum with plenty of aircraft to look at, ranging from World War 2 fighters to more modern jets. I had a great time – not sure how exciting it was for Shannon though. 🙂 The kids liked the flight simulator/ride the best, with Gabrielle giggling through the whole thing and Ethan sitting there yelling “awesome!”.

Coral was off on a walking tour of Charleston and a cruise out to explore Fort Sumter where the civil war began.

Not much else to tell today as it was mainly just looking at stuff. You can look at some of the same stuff in todays photo gallery.

Arrived in Charleston

Back on the road this morning. From Lumberton we kept going south on the I95 and got to Charleston just before lunch time. Shannon had planned for us to check the visitor centre for information on the local area. The visitor centre turned out to be attached to a fire museum, so we spent some time looking around there. Even the kids enjoyed looking at the fire trucks and riding in the fire truck simulator (lights and sirens included).

In the afternoon we went to Magnolia plantation, a good old fashioned southern plantation complete with mansion, swamp and ‘gators. Very pretty surroundings (even the swamp) but it must have been hard work living there in colonial and civil war days – even with “unpaid helpers” to do the harder work.

We’re in Charleston for three days before we head on to Florida. We’ve got a vacation rental house with water views. It’s actually a water back yard – and the kids were excited to find we had a bunch of turtles swimming just off the back porch this evening. 🙂

Photos are here.