52 Pics – Week 22 – Sydney Vivid

Sydney Vivid festival is on at the moment and the coloured lights have been painting the town a multitude of colours.

I’ve already posted a few pics on Facebook from my trip in to see the lights, but here’s one more.

2014-05-28_POTWI quite like the Opera House looking like this. Maybe they could paint it once Vivid is done … 🙂


52 Pics – Week 16 – Taronga Rhinos

My camera is off with Nikon at the moment getting the shutter fixed (it’s not broken, it’s an “advised service” 😛 ) so this week’s photo is another from our TAFE excursion. This is one of the Taronga Rhinos that the zoo has put up around Sydney and all the way out to Dubbo. They’ve had artists decorate the life size statues in a variety of styles and then plonked them around to draw awareness to their conservation projects.

2014-04-09_POTW-2This one was just over the road from the Australian Museum.