52 Pics – Week 46 – Finishing TAFE

Only one week left of my TAFE course. I have one assignment to hand in and a portfolio presentation and I’m done! All my work is done except for choosing and mounting a couple more prints. It has been fun and educational and I’m going to miss it next year. 🙁


‘Spose I should do something with it now. 😛


52 Pics – Week 7 – Pinhole

TAFE work this week. Replacing my perfectly good lens with a cap with a tiny pinhole let me use my 21st century digital camera as a pinhole camera – a natural effect mentioned in texts from the fifth century BC. The photo itself isn’t anything spectacular, but the fact that it is being focused through nothing more than a tiny hole is pretty amazing. I don’t think I’ll be trading in my lovely Nikon lenses but it is something I might experiment with a bit more.